Moonlight Sleep


The sleep bracelet comes with a 2ml bottle of pure Angustifolis Lavender essential oil. To enjoy the benefits of your ‘Goodnight Sleeper’ simply put a few drops of the lavender oil on to the lava stone and gentle rub the stones with you finger tips. The essential oil will gradually diffuse into the air and space around you supporting a goodnights sleep.

The oil must be kept away from children.
Keep away from eyes.
Do not take internally
Do not use undiluted
The oil can also be used for burners, candles and bath oil and must be mixed with a carrier oil if used as massage oil.

All bracelets are approx 18cm. If you have a particular request to make your bracelet larger or smaller please message me direct and I can arrange this for you:

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Lava: An amazing essential diffuser and a stone used for strength when facing difficult situations. Lava beads were also known to be worn by American Indians when entering battle for strength and clarity.

Moonstone: It’s known to be a stone of new beginnings and balance, serving as an emotional stabiliser and relieves feelings of hopelessness and stress. Can promote inspiration and bring success in love and life.

Sandalwood: Both soothing and fragrant.

With silver spacers, to mimic the moonlight and let the brain know it’s night.


“A dreamer is the one who can only find her way through moonlight.” Oscar Wilde



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