Using Zoom

Please book your place as far ahead as possible no later than 1 hour before.

I will send you a link and you can log on and watch the class from any digital device  (phone, iPad, laptop or desktop computer).

You don’t need to have a zoom app or membership, you can simply copy the link I give you into your browser URL address bar and type in the supplied code to join.

Before the class starts get your ‘zen den’ ready, yoga mat, props, you could even burn a candle or essential oils if you have them, to create a special atmosphere.

Once we all come online before the class starts you can choose to turn your video on or off, I love seeing you guys but of course its completely up to you. You will all be asked to mute at your end so there is no need to worry about background noise.

As we navigate our way through these changing times together please continue to share inspiring thoughts and good vibes with me and others around you in anyway that you can!