Love your mala

A mala necklace is an incredibly personal item and can be used as a powerful tool for manifesting your intentions and to act as a daily reminder to be more mindful and remain present.
A mala should age with time and as it grows older with you it may need a little extra care to help extend its lifespan

Tassel Care

At Chanting Stork Yoga we believe the tassel of your mala acts as a link, between the thread of love that the beads are strung on and the intention the mala represents for you.
  1. If needed you can always trim, cut not pull, any loose threads.
  2. A well loved tassel will loose its shape over time, when this happens try holding it over the steam from a kettle and the threads will soon drop back into shape.
  3. Finally, should your tassel get dirty you can wash a cotton tassel with mild detergent to freshen it up.

If your mala breaks…

While our malas are carefully hand crafted and made with high quality materials there may be a time when a mala naturally breaks. If this happens it should be celebrated as new beginnings and in fact it is seen as a symbol that you’ve fulfilled the intention that your mala represents for you.