I love making mala necklaces… I fell in love with them initially for their beauty and then for their meanings, I wish I could say it was the other way around. Little did I know I would end up with the tools and art of making them and even better loving that more than anything.

Traditionally they are meditation necklaces made up of 108 stones, used for counting while meditating or reciting your mantra. There are so many theories behind the number 108 but my favourite is:
1: represents the universe, the sun, the moon, your god.
0: emptiness, space, humility of your own practice
8: infinity, timelessness

I love learning about the precious stones and their energies and I love infusing them together to become rich and meaningful necklaces for others to wear…

Because of the individual makeup of each and every semi-precious stone, no two pieces will ever look identical making each mala unique to you with its own intention or meaning born out of the qualities within the stones I use.

I am able to work on commissions so if you’d like a mala made especially for you please email direct These malas range from £65 upwards.